Popular Gifts – Power Bank

Power bank is one of the most popular corporate gifts this year. It is one of the most essential item to have when you are on the go. Below are of tip for the purchasing of power bank.


The capacity of a power bank is measured in milli Ampere Hour or mAh, if you phone is 1500 mAh and your power bank is 6000mAh, then the power bank can fully charge your phone 4 times. The price of the power bank also vary with the capacity, the higher the capacity the more expensive is the power bank. If you are giving out a power bank as an emergency charger 300mAh will be good enough and the cost is relatively cheap.


There are a lot of different design available in the market, but do take note power bank will heat up slightly when it is being charged or when it is charging a device. Design with aluminium casing would be a refer choice as it can conduct heat better than a plastic casing.


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