Tips on Customizing T-shirts

Custom T-shirt is one of the best way to present your creativity and express your thoughts. You can be designing t-shirts for a party or company event or as a class t-shirts, down to just a single piece of unique t-shirts to hope to print for someone special. Before you start your designing I would like to share with you some points that you have to consider before putting your creation into print.

  • Size of your design
    • usually the bigger the size the more expensive would be the printing cost
    • if you are printing on ready made t-shirt, design that is too big might have difficulty being imprinted
  • Material of the t-shirts
    • Commonly available material would be polyester or cotton
      • For Polyester – it is better to go for transfer printing as some polyester do not take silkscreen ink well
      • For Cotton – this material can take silkscreen well but if the design got too many colours then printing cost will be higher than transfer printing on polyester material
  • Quantity of Print
    • Single Piece
      • Silkscreen Printing – the design is advisable to be in mono colour or  the printing cost is going to be high
      • DTG – This is the suggested printing method as you can use unlimited colour for your design, but DTG printing on polyester material do not yield gold result and the printing will faded quite a bit after a few washes
      • Transfer Printing – This is the most cost effective method if you are just doing a single piece of printing
    • Big Quantity
      • Silkscreen Printing – this is the prefer method of print if the quantity is big as the setup cost is divided by the bigger quantity and the cost per print would be lower. Further, silkscreen printing impression will last the longest
      • DTG – This would be the most expensive method of print if the quantity is big and it is not advisable for big quantity
      • Transfer Printing – The price for transfer pricing would be between silkscreen printing and DTG printing

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