How Corporations Strengthen Relationships With Clients

The business world is more competitive than ever and companies have to do everything they can to build strong relationships with their clients to ensure they do not go somewhere else. One effective marketing tool is to give gifts during the holidays or to commemorate an important business deal or the anniversary of signing a big contract. A thoughtful gift provides a personal touch that is missing as more individuals conduct business through email or by phone.

Any gift sent should reflect positively on the company and send the appropriate message. Gifts of inferior quality can have a negative effect on a company’s public image. Sending the right item requires a certain amount of thought. This is not the time to reach into the box of company coffee mugs and toss it in a box.

Choosing the right gift is a great way for account representatives to show how well they know their clients personally. The gift makes a bigger impression when it is customized to the recipient’s personal interests and tastes. A basket filled with imported meats, cheeses and other gourmet items is the ideal gift for the foodie on anyone’s gift giving list. Individuals who favor a particular sports team will love receiving suite tickets to the next big game.

Individuals should attempt to deliver gifts in person if it is possible. This is yet another way to add a personal touch to the occasion. If geographical location prohibits this, the gift should be professionally packaged and wrapped for the maximum impact.

When giving a gift to someone living abroad, it is important to understand their culture. The gift may be perfectly appropriate for someone living in the Singapore but could send a completely different message in another country. Studying up on the culture can save an individual from the embarrassment of sending an inappropriate gift and offending the recipient. Even the wrapping paper can send a message. In certain cultures, for example, white wrapping paper symbolizes death.

Some corporations have a no gift policy for their employees. Before purchasing corporate gifts for any client, check the rules at the recipient’s place of employment by contacting the personnel department. If the company prohibits employees from accepting gifts, you may consider making a charitable donation to a cause the company supports. Regardless of the gift, business owners should make sure it reflects well on the company’s image and sends the appropriate message to the recipient.

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