How To Choose The Best Giveaways

Years ago, options on promotional giveaways were very limited. Pens, umbrellas, notepads, and mugs are the most popular, if not the only, choices available in the market. Nowadays, companies are more focused on making their giveaways more interesting for current and prospective customers, and are used to attract more business.

Perhaps one of the best giveaways these days are gift certificates. Who can resist a free dinner for two or premiere night movie tickets? How about some free coffee and doughnuts? The answer is no one. Cash vouchers and certificates give the receiver the freedom to choose the type of reward that they want to get. When it comes to giving away certificates, it is best to keep in mind that it should be something that anyone would want to have. Customers are more likely to share this type of experience with family and friends.

There are also companies who match their giveaways with the products that they manufacture. Key chains that look like small cameras, computers, and other gadgets are best for companies who sell them. Food chains and restaurants can give out miniature food items made of plastic which represent the dishes or food that they sell.

Giveaways work best when they are functional. Items that can be used on a regular basis get the attention they deserve. Most offices require their employees to use spill-proof mugs if they need to have their coffee while working. Spill proof mugs that are easy to use and have great visual design can make another person interested in having them. In this scenario, the giveaway made one customer happy because of the freebie, and the item did it’s job in attracting a prospective customer.

Nowadays, businesses use slogans that can be catchy. However, this can be tricky since it can create a negative connotation, if not planned and thought of wisely. Items that bear the company’s slogan should not in any way harm it’s original intent, which are to promote a product or a service and please or attract customers.

After choosing the best design and product for promotional gifts, the next thing that a company needs to focus on is how customers can get them. Often times these are given out after a customer has signed up for a service or bought a product. Current customers usually receive theirs by visiting the merchant’s store or through delivery. Whatever option a company chooses, the most important thing to consider is that their customers receive them.

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